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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

As per the Virgo Monthly Horoscope 2024, favourable outcomes are anticipated for Virgo natives this month. However, a shift in behaviour is advised, as the presence of Nodal Planet Ketu in your zodiac might incline you towards isolation. Resist the urge to distance yourself from loved ones and make efforts to express and connect with others. Property and vehicle acquisitions are favourable, but health concerns may arise. Overseas aspirations could materialize with diligence.



January promises career advantages for Virgo individuals. Sun and Mars energize your tenth house, fuelling your efforts for excellence. Saturn in the sixth house enhances your courage and status at work. Progress in your career is expected. Rahu's influence on the seventh house may bring fluctuations in business, leading to both gains and losses. Jupiter in the eighth house suggests business partner challenges, emphasizing the need for caution.



The month starts favourably in love relationships, with the Sun and Mercury enhancing understanding. Venus's movement in the fifth house on February 12th adds to the romance, fostering closeness and intimacy. Married Virgos may face ups and downs, with Ketu in the zodiac and Mars's aspect causing tensions. Quarrels may impact health, but the second half of the month brings gradual understanding and clarity, urging patience. 



Financial fluctuations are indicated for Virgo natives in the Monthly Horoscope 2024. Mars and Venus in the fourth house may bring property gains, while aspects in the eleventh house increase earnings. Sun and Mercury's influence on the eleventh house also contributes to financial growth. However, Jupiter in the eighth house signals potential financial losses, and increased expenses may arise due to home needs. Careful expense management is crucial, with Mercury's movement in the sixth house leading to significant spending. 



Healthwise, the month is expected to be average. Saturn in the sixth house offers relief from old ailments and boosts courage. However, a careless attitude could lead to serious health issues. Jupiter's position in the eighth house, along with the influence of Mars, warns of significant life changes. Virgo natives are advised to be attentive to health problems during this period. 

Astrological Remedies For Virgo

Place a red, triangle-shaped flag in a temple on a Tuesday during the month's Shukla Paksha (Darker fortnight. 
Worship the Banana Tree on Thursdays. 
Offer wheat flour and sugar to ants on Saturdays. 
Provide fish food to fishes. 

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