The Astrological Intrigue of Leap Day Birthdays

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The Astrological Intrigue of Leap Day Birthdays

If you were born on February 29th, you're familiar with the uniqueness that comes with celebrating your birthday only once every four years. But what does it mean astrologically to be born on this extra day that only occurs during a leap year?

As a "leapling", your zodiac sign identity becomes more fluid and intriguing. Typically, the shift from the Aquarius Sun sign to the Pisces sign happens on February 19th annually. However, the appearance of February 29th in a leap year pushes that Pisces starting date to March 1st instead.

What does this mean for those born right before March?

Well, you are on the "cusp" and can draw personality traits from both Aquarius AND Pisces! How cool is that?! You likely identify with qualities on both sides of the fence.

Aquarius energy is focused on the intellectual - being analytical, progressive and original in thinking. The sign is represented by the mystical water bearer, pouring out ideas that are ahead of its time.

Pisces, on the other hand, centers more on spirituality and creativity. Known for musical, poetic and artistic expression with a heart inclined toward empathy. The Pisces sign is symbolized by two swimming fish, portraying an intuitive understanding of life’s hidden depths.

If your birthday is February 29th, you may find that you identitfy with themes from BOTH signs equally. And you can embrace that! Having a Sun Sign that is fluid allows you to access the best of both worlds.

No matter what day of the calendar leaplings are forced to celebrate their birthdays on during non-leap years, they will always have a cosmic link to that extra special day that comes just once every four years.

So if you’re born on a leap day, don’t fret about mixed astrological signals - embrace the mystique! Destiny surely has something unexpected in store for you...it chose YOU to be born on the calendar’s most unique day, after all!

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