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At the start of the year, Mars, the ruler of the Scorpio zodiac sign, will be in the second house alongside the Sun God. Mercury and Venus will be in your zodiac sign at the start of the year. After Jupiter enters the seventh house, it will examine your first, third, and eleventh houses. From Aries, it will stay in your sixth house until May 1. If Rahu occupies your fifth house, then Ketu will be in your eleventh house as well. While you go through the year, Saturn, ruler of your third and fourth houses, will be stationed in Aquarius, your sign, in the fourth house. Your life's trajectory and condition can be affected by the alignment of the planets. You'll have plenty of chances to advance financially. According to the forecast, you should expect higher outlays in January, but those will shrink as the year progresses, allowing you to build up your savings.  


Students need to put in more effort because this year is going to be rather poor. Finishing the task at hand will occupy you. This may lead to a lack of attention for the family. You need to pay attention to the fact that this year isn't the best for married life. If you want to establish a business or think about expanding your current one, the odds of success will increase starting in May of 2024, according to the 2024 prediction.  



Looking at it from a professional standpoint, you should expect to put in just as much effort this year. Your professional trajectory will be steady. You are committed to your work because you enjoy it and know that it will help you succeed. You may feel the need to switch careers due to planetary alignments in the mid-hexagon, but you can also see opportunities. However, with Saturn in the fourth house the whole time, it will keep an eye on your sixth and tenth houses, which will make you feel secure in your employment and help you stay put.  


Additional good fortune is on the way with Jupiter's transit into the seventh house. Between August and October, you may experience a period of success following a work change, as well as opportunities for promotions within your current position. Thanks to Saturn's favor, your job rivals will lose, putting you in a great position to succeed. Obtaining a prominent position at work is predicted for April when the transit of the Sun God occurs in the sixth house. You also have a better shot of landing a job with the government. Once this is out of the way, August might also yield promising outcomes.  



Things will start off on a positive note for the new year. When the new year begins, you'll find Mercury and Venus still in your first house, and Rahu in your fifth house will put you through whatever emotional or romantic storm you can imagine. If you're truly in love, you'll feel like you can do anything for your partner. If you don't accomplish the lofty goals you set for yourself, the people closest to you may become upset with you. The love you have with your lover, though, will grow and flourish in 2024, according to the prediction. Love is also likely to enter your life at some point.  


From April 23 through June 1, the year's Mars transit will pass over Rahu in the fifth house. Love may not flourish during this time, and your sweetheart may be dealing with health issues and emotional strain. Stay away from pointless disagreements and do a lot of helping for your partner during this time; else, it could hurt your relationship. Things will probably improve significantly after this. You will feel more loved by each other in March, and the months of August through September will do wonders for strengthening your relationship. On May 1, Jupiter, lord of the fifth house, will sit in your seventh house, making it feasible to tie the knot with your beloved in the second half of the year, if that is indeed your dream.  



In terms of money, this year will be great. From the start of the year onward, Ketu's placement in the eleventh house will aid in maintaining financial stability. Nevertheless, Jupiter's placement in the sixth house may cause difficulties throughout the first six months of the year. Financial management must take center stage. Mars and Sun in the second house at the beginning of the year could cause some financial difficulties. By avoiding the obstacles, you can improve your financial situation. By May, Jupiter will be aspecting your eleventh, first, and third houses from its position in the seventh house, encouraging you to step up your game and offering a shot at financial security.  



With Jupiter in your sixth house and Saturn aspecting it, your health is going to be a major focus for the beginning of the year. As a result, issues with your gastrointestinal tract and stomach could escalate into major complications. Having Pisces in the fifth house increases the risk of water-related infections, which can impact the stomach and lead to gastrointestinal issues. Between February 5 and March 15, Mars will aspect your third to sixth house, according to Scorpio horoscope. Then it might lead to a decrease in disease, but Mars will be in the sixth house from June 1 to June 12. Mars will be moving through your eighth house from August 26th to October 20th. Although they may lead to health problems, they will help you overcome difficult circumstances. Take excellent care of yourself because you may also experience problems with blood impurities and blood pressure.  

Astrological Remedies For Scorpio

On Thursday, you must serve brown cows.  

On Thursday, give a student or a Brahmin the study materials they need.  

On Thursdays, go to the Shani temple to pray.  

Offering Kheer on Friday and worshiping Durga Maa all year round would bring you great benefit.  

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