Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

As per the Monthly Horoscope for 2024, Scorpio natives can expect an average month ahead. Work commitments may create a temporary distance from family, leading to some complaints about lack of time. Sibling support will be a positive aspect, and attendance at a family function is likely. Financial conditions will fluctuate, with ups and downs. Love relationships are favoured during this period, bringing happiness. Married life will be joyful, though minor debates and conflicts may arise. Achieving progress in business will require dedicated efforts, and students aspiring to go abroad may encounter delays. 



For Scorpio individuals, the career outlook in February is promising. The presence of the Sun, the tenth house lord, in the third house alongside Mercury, ensures strong support from colleagues, leading to success in the job. However, increased diligence is advised as the Sun moves to the fourth house on February 13th, and caution against unnecessary discussions is recommended. Business endeavours will face initial challenges, but with new support and opportunities arising, progress is anticipated through short trips. 



The initial phase of the month is favourable for Scorpio individuals in love relationships. Rahu's influence adds a unique dimension to love matters, fostering engaging and playful communication. While extravagant promises may enhance your beloved's admiration, caution against unrealistic commitments is essential for relationship progression. Married life begins positively, with mutual understanding prevailing. 



The month begins on a favourable note for Scorpio natives regarding finances. Ketu in the eleventh house and Sun and Venus in the second house contribute to economic benefits and improved bank balances. The influence of Jupiter in the sixth house may lead to expenses on auspicious occasions, but overall spending remains manageable. Financial conditions show improvement, and business people may witness increased income in the month's latter half. While investing is an option, seeking expert advice is advisable.



Health prospects for Scorpio individuals in February exhibit fluctuations. Jupiter's presence in the sixth house may contribute to stomach issues, demanding careful attention. Digestive problems, indigestion, and gas-related discomfort may persist throughout the month. Additionally, the presence of Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in the third house could lead to throat or ear-related concerns, requiring a vigilant approach towards health maintenance. 

Astrological Remedies For Scorpio

Offer water to an Eucalyptus (Peepal) tree on Thursdays without touching it. 
Present Yellow Sandalwood to Lord Vishnu at his temple, applying it as a Tilak on your forehead. 
Donate Mustard Oil on Saturdays while looking at your image reflected in it.
Provide Chapati and Milk to a black dog for consumption. 

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