Be Mine…Or Maybe Not: Astrologically Bad Matches

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Be Mine…Or Maybe Not: Astrologically Bad Matches

According to astrologers, some zodiac pairings are simply disastrous. Their star signs indicate fundamental incompatibilities that can doom a relationship. However, we shouldn't let the stars dictate who we love. Strong feelings can overcome even the worst horoscope matchups.

Water and fire signs tend to clash. Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are emotional and intuitive. Meanwhile, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius' fire signs are passionate and excitement-seeking. A fiery personality can overwhelm a water sign. And water's depth can extinguish fire's spontaneity and enthusiasm. Getting these elements to work together requires effort.

Opposition positions on the zodiac wheel also cause friction. Aries and Libra sit 180 degrees apart, as do Taurus-Scorpio and Gemini-Sagittarius. Partners in these signs tend to pursue competing goals and seldom see eye-to-eye. But their differences can also create a stimulating counterpart dynamic—if they embrace it.

Then we have the bad astrological aspects like squares and oppositions between planets. Saturn in one chart clashing with Venus in another promotes distrust and coldness. And Mars's aspects spell aggressive conflict. The outlook seems grim for synastry between fundamentally discordant natal charts.

Yet there are endless real-world examples proving horoscope incompatibility can be beaten. Look at odd couples who thrive despite having nothing in common on paper. The stars pale in significance when two souls feel strongly drawn together. The depth of love, care and understanding eclipses superficial astrological concerns.

So, by all means, know the astrological risks before committing to a dubious star-cross match. But don't automatically rule someone out because your signs must align perfectly. The heart wants what it wants—so follow it if the feeling's right. Throw astrological caution to the winds pursuing that rare jewel: true love. The rewards make the effort worthwhile..

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